About us

25 years experience.

On the Slovenian and European market we are known as the company, which – in the field of heating regulation – offers complete solutions. Our development strategy is based on 25 years of experience, promotion of innovations and a constant search for newer and better solutions.

Our advantage is – thanks to the latest technology and several years of experience – that we are able quickly to adjust to all kinds of market conditions.                                                 
The offer of our products is quite large: we offer a whole span of heating regulators, motor drives and temperature sensors. We are very present in this field in Slovenia, since our products represent more than 50 percent of the share of the Slovenian market.

Our biggest priority when developing the third generation of heating regulators was designing them in such a way that they would be as user-friendly as possible.     


Our vision

Our slogan „Energy Under Control“ is the main principal and lead sentence, which points to a long and successful cooperation with our business partners. We will always try to develop and produce – with the help of our experience, innovations and by recognition of customer’s needs – user - friendly products, which are always one step ahead of other companies’ products. By doing so we are also trying to exploit the energy sources in the heat generators as economically as possible and, consequentially, to keep the energy consumption in the heating systems as low as possible.   


Our goals

The goal of the company Seltron d.o.o. is to help the people to keep their heating costs, which occur when heating living spaces, as low as possible. This will help them to save a lot of money and also to protect our environment.

Strategic plan

We will continue developing and perfecting our product span as well as our services in the future, too. We are doing our best in order to let the company grow and to improve the satisfaction of our customers, our business partners, our employees as well as the owners of the company. Because of our employees and their expert knowledge, their experience and their affiliation, our company is able to represent itself as a very competitive company with many advantages. Because our employees are key factors in the success of our company, we pay very much attention to their development and their training. Our strategy is to open up and to intensively increase the market share of foreign countries.