New room unit RCD


Room unit RCD is designed for simple and comfortable room temperature adjustment and controller operation mode selection. Room unit is mounted in central living room, where are the most relevant temperature and climatic conditions of the building. The same way as with room unit, all adjustments can also be made with application Clausius on smart devices. For this purpose an internet connection to SeltronHome platform is needed. Room units RCD is compatible with all modern Seltron controllers, such as AHC, CMP, WDC, WXD, KXD, KPD, KUD and KWD. Modern and discreet shape enables elegant integration of room unit into virtually any interior design. Sophisticated construction simplifies installation and connection.

Room unit RCD features big illuminated LCD display which lights up automatically if person approaches the room unit in dark.

But the room temperature isn’t the only value that RCD can monitor. It can also measure and analyse climatic conditions of the living room. Built-in are humidity, illuminance, air pressure and air quality sensors. That way RCD can measure quality of living climate and warn user if living room needs fresh air.


Milan Kren
Friday, March 6, 2015