Product tabs

User functions

Setting of rotation direction

User can easily change the opening and closing direction of the valve in the controller menu.

Boiler output power measurement

SCC controllers allow for measurement of boiler output power.

Graphic temperature display

Controller provides graphic display of temperatures for the current day or for the past week.

Gained Energy measurement

Controller grafično prikazuje pregled poteka temperatur za trenutni dan. Pregled poteka temperatur za tekoči teden in opozarjanje na napako ali prekoračeno temperaturo.

Heating system protection

The controller ensures periodical start-up of pumps and valves during inactive period as well as protection of the solar panels, and the heater against overheating or freezing.

PC Interface

Through dedicated USB inverter the PROMATIC® ACC and SCC controller can be connected to a PC. The accompanying Selcontrol software allows setting and monitoring of controller operation using a PC. The solution also operates in the SeltronHome environment.