SeltronHome is a modern way of regulating, saving and ensuring comfortable room heating. State-of-the-art technology brings together Seltron heating controllers with a cloud-based software platform and applications for mobile devices and personal computers. These solutions enable many new possibilities and advantages for end users as well as installers, service personnel and the overall supportive environment. Existing users of Seltron controllers can connect them to SeltronHome through the GWD communications interface, while 4th generation (4G) controllers connect to SeltronHome automatically without the need for any additional equipment. The SeltronHome platform also allows the transfer of data for the Selcontrol software suite and other DDC or SCADA systems.

Clausius Application

Clausius is an on-line and mobile application for PCs, tablets and smart phones. It is aimed at the end users of Seltron heating controllers. It allows users to simply and remotely manage and fine-tune their home heating system from anywhere and at any time. The application supports the review and set-up of the requested temperature, time programmes of the heating areas and hot water, the activation of Party, Eco and Holiday functions, and much more. The application also monitors the functioning of the heating system and notifies the user when necessary. For example: “Fill the hopper with pellets”, “Load more logs”, “Clean the boiler”, or when an unusual temperature deviation occurs. The applications currently support Android and iOS devices.

Kelvin Application

The Kelvin application is used by installers and service personnel to obtain remote data on the heating system status, any potential deviations and operating malfunctions, to monitor the operating parameters, to obtain user help in setting the time programmes, heating curve and similar.

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Milan Kren
Friday, March 6, 2015